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Calgary Rowing Club

 Winner of the 2020 Rowing Canada Aviron Club Outstanding Achievement Award

Calgary Rowing Club – Membership Fee Structure

To renew your membership, please see the Registration Guide.

The fee structure for membership in the Calgary Rowing Club (“CRC”) is outlined below. Please note that failure to:

  • provide full payment of all fees, or
  • register for Rowing Canada Aviron membership & liability insurance, or
  • sign the Covid-19 waiver and declaration
  • provide complete membership documentation

will result in the decline of the membership application.

Note: We are excited to once again be able to offer great value for all of your annual members. The cost per coached session with an annual membership (Junior, student, para & adult) is between $3-$6 per coached session!

* fees will be prorated to reflect late incoming members 

* all members are subject to Rowing Canada Aviron and Alberta Rowing Association Membership fees ($44)

Family + Membership explained:

  • Family+ Membership is intended for parents and children (under 19) to enjoy the CRC and receive a discount of 10% off as follows:
  • A full-time annual member can add a child living in the same household (under 19) who will receive 10% off their full-time annual membership fee
  • Additional children living in the same household (under 19) can also be added for 10% off their annual fees

EXAMPLE: A full-time Club member pays their full Membership fee. A child under 19 is registered under the Family+ plan, and receives a 10% discount. 

  • NOTE #1: This can also work in reverse, where a child under 19 registers as a full-time annual member, and a parent (or parents) receives 10% off their full-time annual membership fee(s).
  • NOTE #2: Siblings also qualify under Family+ if at least one sibling is under 19 (or all siblings are under 19), provided the first sibling pays an Annual Membership Fee, then the Under 19 sibling(s) receives 10% off their Annual Membership Fee(s)
  • NOTE #3: Family+ only applies to Annual Membership Fees


  1. All Fees are payable in full in Canadian dollars at the time of membership registration.
  2. Student Annual: For post-secondary students who wish to be members throughout the year. Proof of post-secondary student status must be provided at the time of registration and qualification is at the sole discretion of the Calgary Rowing Club.
  3. Monthly membership:  For in-transit members.
  4. Non- Local students: All students that attend college/university outside of Calgary or any current members that are part of the Junior program and will be leaving Calgary to attend college/university outside of Calgary. Proof of post-secondary student status must be provided at the time of registration and qualification is at the sole discretion of the Calgary Rowing Club.
  5. Coxswain:  Member who actively participates and competes only as a coxswain.
  6. Rowing Canada Aviron (“RCA”) Membership Fees: All members must be registered with RCA to obtain rowing liability insurance, and RCA registration must be completed as part of the Calgary Rowing Club registration process. 
  7. Boat Storage: Please refer to the Calgary Rowing Club Private Boat Storage Agreement for details regarding boat storage.
  8. Members with incomplete registrations or unpaid fees will not be allowed to row until these issues are corrected.
  9. Refunds: No refunds will be provided under any circumstances.
  10. Please contact if you would like to look into a payment plan - we want to make sure that you are able to row if you want to!

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